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Mr Byron James Littlewood BA, ADFS(FP), AFA

Managing Director B.J. Littlewood & Associates Pty Ltd Trading as Littlewood Financial Advisers(LFA), authorised representatives of Consilium Advice Pty Ltd AFSL 424974.

Over the past 42 years I have established strong client oriented businesses, with investment expertise in a difficult Global Financial environment; Our Client focus is on risk management and investment services alongside accounting services. In 1993 I and a business partner, established Hunter Tax Services in Wallsend to provide competitive tax and accounting services to the western suburbs of Newcastle. I relinquished the management role to my then business associate/accountant, Lynette Austin FTIA ATMA, 17 years ago to concentrate my energies on our financial planning clients. Recently I decided to move away from Hunter Tax Services to newer offices at Scott Elsley & Associates Pty Ltd, 43 King Street Warners Bay NSW 2282.

Until recently the services provided by LFA were commission based with low cost product providers such as OnePath, AIA, TAL, Colonial, Zurich, Asteron, Challenger, Austock, BT Financial Services, and AMP- AXA. Going forward in the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) model, established by the Federal Government (Bill Shorten) which commenced in July 2013, I am able to provide for client requirements on a fee-for-service basis.

My goal is to be your primary advisor. I aim to be your go to person, your first port of call on money matters, as your trusted advisor. Consilium Advice Pty Ltd was recently established by Australian Advisory Group and my license was transferred to them to maintain my client liaison and assist me with back-office services to achieve that goal.

Holistic Advice”: Littlewood Financial Advisers provides combined, holistic financial and life risk advice as well as advice on investment, insurance , superannuation, income protection and other life matters relevant to the scope of advice’.

Definition of “holistic” is “relating to a whole”. It means including or involving all of something, especially all of somebody’s physical, mental, and social conditions, not just physical symptoms in the treatment of illness.“Holistic approach in financial planning” means that a planner will discuss client(s) life goals and produce a detailed financial plan known as a Statement of Advice (SoA) to help them achieve their goals.

Let me shortly explain the difference between an ‘adviser’ and an ‘accountant’. It’s all about achieving life goals. Planners and accountants help people manage their financial affairs but have quite distinct roles. In the past, people may have thought about consulting a financial planner only if they had a lump sum, but these days planners help people build their wealth, assist with Government Agencies such as Centrelink, and assist them to protect their families in times of need.

Financial advisers/planners are trained to take a more holistic approach to their clients’ finances than accountants. Rather than doing your tax return or offering small business advice, planners will discuss your life goals and produce a financial plan to help achieve them. This will generally involve investing in a portfolio of managed funds. However, planners may also look at estate planning and ways to protect clients’ assets. At Littlewood Financial Advisers, we use the assets of an accountancy practice, namely Scott Elsley & Associates, with whom we work, to assist in the planning and tax related matters.

An holistic approach gives us more flexibility and expands your options by shifting your initial focus toward the bigger picture. The advisers who take an holistic approach can both add value to their clients’ financial lives and differentiate themselves from the pack.

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